"I commit to enabling you to break through barriers, identify your true mind, body and spirit potential, grow and succeed in all facets of life while transcending your spiritual conscious awareness..."

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Let me assist you to transform your life and personal wellbeing

Why do we often wait so long to have joy and abundant flow in our life?

We come into this world and know conflict, know suffering, know loss, grief, abandonment and “learn” many frustrating, limiting beliefs about ourselves.

But we also enjoy the sensory experience of living — happiness, love, serenity…

And in adulthood we must arrive at a point where we again see that we have CHOICES about how we live and how we feel about living.  Is our cup half empty or flowing over?  Do we notice every little pleasure with gratitude or hold on to every wrong and harm that we have suffered and see the world through our negative expected pain? Truly it is difficult for an individual to identify and release their own core issues.

However old you are, it is never too late to make the choice to live life with your best, self loving interest.  Sometimes all it takes is a deeper insight and compassionate support.

I offer you my knowledge and services to transform your life forward.

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It is rare to find a mentor, coach and educator who has many diverse but equally advanced abilities, skills, experience and qualifications in business, social and personal, conscious spirituality.

Vivienne's life journey of self realization came when early family responsibility propelled her to prioritise and advance business and societal achievements while devoting her personal life to her own personal growth, sharing her life gifts, social support and counsel with others. She has successfully enabled change to people, companies and communities all over the world.


After several decades of building expertise, Vivienne's culminating life achievements and gifts are unique. She draws on her deep knowledge resource to reach and empower people and cultures. For the first time she is available to you online and in person...

Growing up with advanced psychic sensitivity and spiritual consciousness paved a way in the world reclaiming the sacred arts, wellness and alternative healing skills of many ancient cultural systems.

Integrating the sacred waters of life cosmology, Indigenous ideology and contemporary studies and practices in many natural therapies, psychotherapies, counselling, psychology, neuroscience, anthropology and philosophy brought together the old wisdom and contemporary knowledge.

Vivienne was recognised early for her abilities and success in spiritual healing and integrative therapies.  But she also chose to continue her career consulting in management of change, learning, communications and cultural transformation.

After twenty years of also conducting charity work in third world, and disadvantaged communities Vivienne synthesised her life and vocational skills in sustainable development and in 2015 was appointed a director-advisor to United Nations for her work in transformation and academic research.

Since then, Vivienne continues to deliver her entrepreneurship, leadership and life transformation mentoring to individuals and organisations.  Now also a published author, her book has been sponsored for screen play production.  With mature wisdom and enormous consciousness oversight, Vivienne is a popular keynote speaker, facilitator and delivers empowerment and inspiration to all.



Take advantage of Tobassa’s success track record in business, leadership and wellness, while advancing your own conscious awareness and receiving spiritual insights that exist only in a narrow societal band of people who demonstrate advanced gifts in spiritual healing and shamanic culture.  Vivienne was early recognized for her profound insights when featured on international television to over 60 million people for her extraordinary healing gifts and psychic guidance.  She has continued traditional healing practices while conducting her charity work in third world, conflict and disaster zones.  She backs up these innate abilities with over twenty years corporate success, academic qualifications and competency to support your profound results.  Most importantly, her own profound spiritual life journey, trauma and healing process from afflictions and terminal illness ensures Vivienne finds empathetic insight, compassionate understanding and respect for appropriate boundaries when working with you.  Whatever you feel your need, Vivienne will assist you as she has worked with thousands of others to identify, resolve, transform and build strategies and network for ongoing life achievement and happiness.

Step outside the box and find you or your organization culture's true potential with measurable results

Vivienne Tobassa combines wholistic skills and expertise through:

life coaching
integrative approaches
transpersonal therapies
shamanic culture
spiritual wisdom

programs, courses, workshops and individual sessions.


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Why are Wholistic Approaches to Wellness Critical to Everyone?

In early childhood we are super learners.  Our brain’s neuroplasticity enables forming alternative pathways—aiding cognition, skill and mental problem solving.  But by age 12 we begin to lose this capability.  The brain prunes connections decided to no longer be important.  But our environment and cultural experiences also play a huge part in conditioning beliefs of what is useful and what is not for adaptive survival.

An unfortunate human folly is to pass on negative and distorted learnings about life that are mostly based upon our material world experience.  Societal pressures from global social media and marketing seriously affect teenagers embracing adulthood.  Mental health and wellness has become a priority.  Global society spirals at mind breaking pace into technology, human disconnection, isolation and work-life pressures under the continuing threats from environmental, climate and global disruptions.

Inside you is at least one “inner child voice” — a version of you that suffered trauma at an early age, and led you to form less healthy opinions about you, others and life in general.  You may hold limiting beliefs unconsciously, or as deep, seeming shameful secrets as you try to convince the outside world you are loveable, worthy through a whole range of “marketed” success stories.  At any time you may also feel overwhelmed, disillusioned, rejected and even consider self-harm.  The suppressed internal issues are simmering as a molten lava volcano.

In life there will be many small or major crisis eruptions.  We cannot halt this process as it is part of being alive — which essentially is a gift.  But we can explore, heal and revitalise ourselves, our relationships and environment.  We will live more fully if we expand self awareness and self acceptance.  Dare to be you.  Dare to be free.  Have courage to discover what “being” uniquely means within your great potential—even when judged and envied by others.  Your life wellness becomes your loving choice and self respect.  Your growing compassion is felt by all as you make better decisions with sensitivity. Your life depends on you.

Life Journeys

Celestial Archetypes in Life Blueprint

Why is our imagination, creativity and mythic world so important?

Since the early work of founding psychologists Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung and Erich Neumann contemporary scientific community has grappled with this question and the concept of consciousness.

Jung reviewed early philosophies of Plato and Socrates to propose the concepts of collective consciousness surrounding the unconscious mind that is the realm of archetypes.

In our attempt to explain and rationalize consciousness from society’s limited intellectual place and time, we have funnelled down and filtered out much of the flowing genius that exists outside the box of human system.  It is hardly surprising that human design has produced AI super intelligence lacking the capability to give superior context to human mythic creativity.  Jung’s psychoanalysis doctrine is profound and has been expanded as objective psyche by fields of psychology, neuroscience and anthropology.  Modern physics seeks and gives answers in mathematical probabilities.  As knowledge advances we return more and more to the multi-dimensional and symbolic realms of consciousness that have been held and expressed in ancestral and spiritual lineages.

So what is the power of the mythic “dreaming” realm and flow of spiritual consciousness? Jung referred to this as an unseen doorway to an arcane mother cosmic truth that remains secret to mankind.  But there are fragments of this ancient knowledge and keys scattered in the cultures and beliefs remaining in humanity — from times and places where humans practice wholistic natural systems thinking.

Having knowledge, access and tools from this greater stream of “cosmic consciousness” will empower our wellness, our abundance and personal joyful existence.

I master-mentor from the dimensions beyond the veil of visibility with testified ability and accuracy.  With my superconscious insight I interpret and draw down expanded wisdom and life strategies that expand awareness and capability.  I then apply and adapt societal learning, skills and expertise to bring new growth and life opportunities forward.



critically acclaimed work in spiritual philosophies

A feature reading from The Sacred Way of Power — Dewi Vivyana Etheria — Vivienne Tobassa


A little reading from my latest book “The Sacred Way of Power” — now sponsored for movie screen adaptation.

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