Life Changing Tools, Techniques and Strategies

Empower your inner world transcendence.

Just a few popular Transformation highlights in Tobassa TRANSCEND programs.

Shamana Blueprinting

Identify, locate and map your “I” in life place and time.  Know your lineages, your directions and your influencing dimensions.

Internal Dimension

Explore with Gestalt and Psychodynamic interaction your sub-personalities and insight their impact on your life. Release core limiting beliefs within.  Detach trauma associations and reprogram with techniques such as hypnotherapy, EMDR, PSTEC, repercussive therapy, Kinesthetics and ancient meridian systems.

Parent, Adult, Child (PAC) - Drisana/Ta Huna Nadi

Apply the internal authority system and insight the ancient Muri Tahuna or Eastern kundalini systems knowledge of Higher, Lower and Middle Self to gain clarity and build strategies for supporting your healing, wellness and empowerment process forward.

Transformational Life Strategy

There is little point in being surface level with life coaching, planning and developing your life forward if you’re serious about profound, and lasting change.

Resource Allocation and Tysyzygy Energy Healing System.

Step outside the mundane into flow states of creativity and achievement.  Build onto Reiki, Qi, Prana, and vibrational healing modalities.

Preparing and Supporting the Vessel

Knowing and supporting your body temple to hold and support your life-force and longevity.  Your physicality, nutrition and body intelligence communication networks.

The Breath

A great miracle and key to your existence that you may also utilise to advance yourself in many wonderous ways.


Immerse your essential being in the vibrational flow and unify your energy to reach states of heightened awareness and expanded consciousness.

Dreaming Imagery Manifests and Reflects in our World

In order to create, build or scientifically establish knowledge in our mundane world we all need to access the “other world” where creativity supports our imaginary suggestions, desires and problem solving.

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