Spiritual Insight Session



This is a 30 minute one to one session where we may address a specific problem.

This is a psychic reading and I will use clairvoyant intuition. You can ask as many questions as you’d like but a best outcome from shorter readings is to query a specific issue or general life question. I prefer to do this type of reading over the phone but we may alternatively do internet video conference.  To arrange your service, I will email you to obtain your contact phone number and set a date & time to speak.  If you have any questions about the reading process, please contact me before purchasing or booking, and I will clarify on any of your questions.  I will typically send you an email summary after our session that confirms and clarifies the reading we discussed.  This might also provide some deeper insight to your issue after I have reflected in my regular meditation practice.  There is no further cost for this additional follow up service.  I like to be sure that you have received a beneficial result.

Please be aware that the Booking Calendar Times are set to NZ GM+12 hours


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