Qualifications and Professional Development Skills

Tertiary Qualifications
  • Master of Social Anthropology (current) — Massey University
  • Master of Arts, Writing — Swinburne University
  • Master of International Relations, International Law and Human Rights — Deakin University  
  • Master of Commercial Law — Deakin University
  • Master of Commerce, Management, Law and Sustainability — Swinburne and Curtin University
Degree Level
  • Graduate Diploma Social Anthropology — Massey University A Class honours
  • Graduate Certificate, Psychology — Massey University
  • Bachelor Arts, Fine Arts and Visual Design — Curtin University
  • Cognitive Science and Health Science — Australia, Various
  • Psychotherapies, Counselling and Practitioner Alternative Therapies Modalities — International Various
Professional and Other
  • Training Needs Analysis, Learning Development, Curriculum, Workshop and Instructional Design.  Train the Trainer, Leadership and Practitioner Coaching, Television and Film presenting
  • Digital, Web Commerce, Information Systems
  • International Human Resources, Change, Culture and Communications
  • General, Trust, Operations, Senior and Project Management – (MBA level, Prince II, PMI)
  • A long list of wellness, cultural lineage healing systems, Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong, White Crane, Reiki Master Healing, and Personal Development coaching skills, tools and techniques and accreditation.

My personal journey of transformation

Hello. My name is Vivienne Tobassa.

Something you will not know about me is that  fifty three years ago I had a near death experience after a violent accident.  I recovered but not without feeling overwhelming abandonment.  At such a young age I felt very unloved, unwanted, unworthy and unholy as later I overheard a conversation between the people who damaged me.  I was thought of as a freak—my intelligence, creative, super psychic ability described as imagination, evil and crazy.  I suffered enormous guilt and shame for being judged not normal, unlovable and outcast by those closest to me.  With no self esteem and incredible vulnerability, I repeatedly became the target of hate attacks.  From early childhood I encountered many harmful situations.  I floundered in repeated, reinforced damage until in early adulthood I began years of therapies and healing modalities.  But I was often overburdened with my ability to predict extreme events in the world — and the negative reactions I now see as fuelled by fear and envy.  By secreting my deep inner trauma and cementing this belief of my unholiness, I endured a life of repeated persecution despite my efforts to empower healing and justice in the world.

But this violent act propelled me into an early life spiritual relationship and I bonded with a kouia (guide).  She guided me through my heightened psychic supernatural world and passed me her shamanic knowledge and healing skills.  She helped me make sense of bridging other dimensions – where Mother Earth and cosmic awareness became symbols of divine grace.  I grew strong with independent self care, and projected my growing skills and courage in defiance of repeated cruelty, bullying and victimisation for my “Sacred Feminine” difference in society. 

The loneliness and persecution I suffered into adulthood also led me to seek and develop emotional and spiritually empowered healing and development strategies. I devoted life to learning and spiritual self realization. Until I reached a turning point, where I felt “whole” enough to share my consciousness knowledge.  Fortunately, I gratefully attracted loving, empowering and joyful experiences and relationships also.  I established healing and development practice and went out into world cultures, performing charitable services that made use of my psychic abilities, Transpersonal therapies, compassion and business skills to make a difference.  After more than two decades of grass roots charity and village sustainable development, I was eventually approached at senior level to develop a world transformation strategy for countries undergoing economic transition, and later appointed as a managerial advisor to a United Nations board.

Now, I reflect that I was not whole.  I was still broken inside, because for all the years of self healing, I had not been able to reveal the great initial act that set my course in life.  The society I lived in still would not accept my professional intelligence to co-exist with psychic abilities.  I had to be left or right brain.  Spiritual or material.  Living a dual life was extremely stressful and eventually, despite my years of supporting others, my own overlooked health and wellbeing gave way.  It was only after a severe period of surviving and recovering three terminal illness collapses I call my “death rites”, that I really came to the point of total surrender, self acceptance and realization.  I found my greatest resilience and the will to live as the spiritual being I am and to balance my material existence with self love and wellness.

During that time I discovered there is a major problem in the world where people don’t accept themselves and in fear of powerlessness, project their unresolved non love as abusive control and inequality upon others. Others fear their own power, the abuse and marginalisation from others and keep themselves small.  This act keeps mass society stuck in a web of restriction and struggle.  All is brought forward from our minds and packaged through emotional filters, in systems of belonging in our projected reality.

And that is why I decided to dedicate my life to enabling transformation for people and cultures.  To harness my personal life consciousness experience, to transcend mind, body and spirit while making the world a more harmonious place for all.  I feel fulfilled empowering people to find self acceptance, peace, express their most rewarding experiences and joy in the miracle of aliveness.  Through gaining self respect, they may also build compassion for others and community respect for the planet we share as home.

The Power of a Transformation Journey

my self reflection of growing and achieving my destined life purpose

Some years ago as an inadequate, teenage single mum I began my life “career”.  I received no child support and social security was denied to me when I went to Australia and found myself in a women’s violence refuge.  My inner passion for a career in creativity and arts had to be shelved for more “secure” jobs that would feed and shelter my daughter.  But I was also unqualified.  Despite receiving the advice of “genius” (which I attribute to my psychic consciousness) from our school age 11, after I scored 98% in my SAT scores, I dropped out of school before qualifying for university entrance.  I was miserable, after being subjected to yet another violent attack.  To keep my disappointed parents happy, I took a business and secretarial course in a nearby city and boarded at a youth hostel, where I rarely made ends meet.  From those courses I learned the basics of accounting, communications, computers and typing.  Those were the vocational skills I entered the workforce with.

After childbirth, the job rejections for being a single mother (the reason I was repeatedly given) were continuous in a depressed NZ recession.  Seeing the restrictions of my life, I visited Australia in the hope of a successful relationship and broader opportunities.  At first I failed in both areas because I had brought my “damaged self” with me, and was recreating my cyclic negative outcomes.  Finding myself in a women’s refuge, incited me to pivot my life.

I chose to stay in Australia and became very resourceful.  I found work but was quickly told by recruiters that as a young, sole parent I would have to make big sacrifices and work much harder than everyone else.  And this prediction came true for me.  In those early years I often didn’t earn enough to feed myself as well as my daughter.  But as I focussed on my healing and personal development, I started to grow.  I also became committed to learning, and opportunities also came to me.  These strategies served me well and my learning habit and spiritual practice persisted in life as I continued to grapple with the emotional journey of deep wounding.  In my business career, I entered functional and program management in my mid twenties after being mentored by some top CEOs and Heads of Organisations as their Executive.  By age 27 I managed the largest transformation program in the Southern Hemisphere, and would later innovate, restructure, initiate some world leading organisation change, ecommerce and innovative technology programs — developing solutions, building and managing commercial models worth multiple billions of dollars with 100% success rate.

Following the unconscious conditioning of self-denial, although I “learned” to devote my abilities to healing, therapies and working with others — I failed to put my own needs first — or even in balance.  My life became an extreme roller coaster of material experiences, and I followed along with emotional blindness, trusting my higher self vision that all would work out —but completely out of self control and care.  I projected low self value onto an outside world waiting to mirror back my worthlessness—despite my enormous and incredible abilities.  Many instinctually or openly saw my Archilles heal, my self bondage to my “curse” of non accepted supernatural ability “super power” that had resulted from the damaging of childhood boundaries under physical violence and emotional abuse.  The result was that in not wanting to assert or “overpower” people, I was often manipulated and taken advantage of.  I have to take full responsibility.  I knew these people were abusing me—but I didn’t emotionally “know” how to handle this within societal networks.  They saw my “weakness” and with competitive jealousy or purely self interests, sought to get the most out of me that they could.  This is perhaps a universal trait of humans—at least non aware or centred in the shadow.  My boundaries were such that I simply couldn’t say “no”.  I had created a deluded shield from my inner child’s festering frustration, resentment and mistrust of my adult self’s ability to adequately care for … me.  My spiritual role became reinforced by society as “should be a vow of poverty” and “a duty to give to others”.

My damaged internal self accepted the glove of resulting humiliation because my distorted notion of “humility” also aligned with my personal values of altruism, giving and advocating equality — which are attributes that continue to fulfil my soul desire.  But in my early thirties I had grown enough to be ready to stand in my beliefs and share my higher knowledge.  I founded an Empower centre, said to be the first of its Sacred Feminine kind at least in Australia for its multi-wellness integration.  I was fortunate to be visited and interact with coaching icons and spiritual caretakers from all over the world.  My reputation with advanced spiritual capability to insight and support physical, emotional and spiritual healing became renown.  I was also featured in Australian newspapers, radio and a television show “the Extraordinary” that went to 60 million viewers worldwide—before the rise of internet popularity and marketing. However, the choice I made at the time not to become a “celebrity psychic” marked the beginning of my life trails in world cultures, sharing with Indigenous elders and spiritual caretakers while conducting my own soul work.  To finance this service—that I integrated in my sustainable development charity work in disadvantaged communities—I was able to use my tier 1 business consulting capability to finance altruistic commitments.  It seemed that spirit had blessed my early disadvantage and path of life development after-all.

Hardly surprising that by reaching my forties, after years of burning 80 hour weeks for forty hour corporate roles and then heading off into third world places, conflict and disaster zones to do my “higher passion”, my neglected self collapsed and the “great healer” that had been described a miracle worker found herself on her death bed — not once, but three times.  Not only facing death, but twice in the same third world where I had little or no access to medical or social support—and even had to check out of intensive care of hospital.  During my lone “path less travelled” of charitable service, I had also failed to develop and keep the social networks that advance people to material success and support.  I was either working into the middle of the night, or away, working alone to support villages, communities and individuals whose language I did not speak.  But over the years I was inspired by the love and sharing of those socially disadvantaged people and became devoted to supporting their alleviation and equality.  In fact, I became obsessed in my commitment to support.

I had learned early that I could turn disadvantage into an opportunity.  Insight options and solutions for problems.  After collapsing the first time, I could not continue my consulting business.  My diagnosis was that I was likely to have six months to live.  I retreated into the mountains like a wounded animal and entered my valley of shadows.  For many years, I had desired to improve my career and life abilities with university qualifications — but there was no room in my demanding unbalanced lifestyle, beyond the industry qualifications and therapy modalities I had already secured.

My illness led to cognitive difficulties and I was often crippled and bedridden for months, racked with excruciating pain.  But purely resting, facilitated my body to commence a slow self-recovery process.  I knew I could also repair and hone my mind and intellect with neural networking practices such as learning a language or some study requiring objective reasoning.  I enrolled in my first post graduate program and commenced a new phase of personal development that has eventually resulted in the equivalent of four multi-disciplinary Masters degrees.  Although studying in such conditions was incredibly difficult, it gave me a purpose and hope for emerging in a new life ahead, where I had gained instead of lost expertise in my career vocation.

I had gained a lot more than expertise through qualifications.  I was applying my research and strategic solutions to real world problems based on my physical experience and built knowledge.  I cemented my habit of being a life learner and growing in any capacity of my being, and I learned to articulate even my spiritual knowledge in a contemporary landscape.

In 2021, having completed the degree, I now undertake my fifth research higher degree that truly inspires me beyond my career progression.  That field is Anthropology.  I apply my interest and love of cultures, ancient civilisations, Sacred Feminine and cosmology lineages while furthering contemporary knowledge.  Today, scientific breakthroughs turn recorded history upside down—particularly Ancient DNA breakthroughs.  Much of what I wrote from stream of consciousness and predictively in my first book ten years ago has come to pass in todays systemic legitimacy due to a “transforming” scientific and historic knowledge base.

I find it extremely gratifying that in the senior “power years” of my life, I can finally look back to the little girl who was so destroyed by the psychic predictions and supernatural gifts she carried as a burden through her life, and say “no, I was not imagining, lying or crazy.  It was not my “duty” to sacrifice my own material existence because of my “super powers” and the fear-centred hatred of others. What was even more heartbreaking were the many, many lives lost, despite my attempts to alert people before large disasters, because of those vindictive societal judgements.  Losing one life never seemed to balance the many, many supported—hence my obsession to my altruism.  But I now reflect I simply came into life an advanced soul in a material world that had forgotten or suppressed the value I carried.  Like every spirit that takes a human life, I had to heal and grow to love and value myself and my legal equal rights in this world.  And I am grateful to be here.  Some may recognise my gratification comes when one fulfils their ultimate desire as destiny, and witness it manifesting in their projected reality.

But of course with fruition, the human desired expression of experience continues on the now “less-driven” plateau of self-mastery.  I liken this feeling to an ultimate flow state of full potential realization in this life.  And my journey continues…

Whether you are already a super-achiever in many areas of your life, or simply coming to a place of recognising a need, a hope for something better in life than your current personal or social disadvantage—I have walked that way, trodden that path before with my own bare feet.  I have been the victim, the mastery learner, the change maker, shapeshifter, healing enabler and the Spiritual warrior.  Now I am able to walk with you the gentle way of power that comes with spiritual cultivation and wholeness.

Do we ever lose the adaptive “values” of our human traits and expression?  I believe for as long as we are human and sharing culture, we do not.  We may remove our person into the places of the aesthetic—the cave, the shrine, temple, monastery or ashram for example.  There we may benefit the environment that favours our spiritual human expression and advancement only.  But if we are to continue a life “in the world” participating in general society—we must build our self awareness and interactions in a healthy material world balance.

That balance doesn’t deny personal abundance—health, wealth, wisdom and joy—instead supports it for everyone.  This is the role of expanding consciousness within everyday people who want to live more sensitively and sustainably with each other.  And that is the value of the mentor-coaching I give to you, whoever you are, whatever your walk in life and personal desires.


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