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TRANSCEND Consilience Dimension Model (tm)

Advanced Life Transformation and Coaching Practitioner Certification Course.  Become certified as you directly experience the tools, modalities and mentor-learning to transform your own life.

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Tobassa Coaching Model

eight critical actions for success

I developed a unique, agile process that works in tandem on the positive innate desire and the negative trigger of core issues.  You resolve the trauma and reframe the negative core belief behind each trigger to enable change and action potential with clarity and certainty.

Learn more about the coaching process here (this section is still under construction)

Eight critical phases in your transformation process

  • One - Identify and scope your transformation journey
  • Two - Become aware of your core issues and self beliefs
  • Three - Utilise skills and develop enduring intervention strategies
  • Four - Decide to change as an enabler - i.e. initiating change
  • Five - Realise your action potential arising from subconscious self
  • Six - Reframe and hardwire the projected change state
  • Seven - Reinforce and expand the change as it evolves with experience
  • Eight - Review and assert stretch goals for lasting, lifetime results


Your Life Platform

Wellness, Self Care, Self Image
Stability and Resilience
Physiology, Grounding Physicality and Fitness
Health, Wellness and Vitality

Personal Identity

How you Live

Emotional Freedom
Social Networks - Doxa and Habitus
Intimacy, Relationships, and Family
Wealth, Career, Success and Prestige
Fulfilment Vocation and Community


Your Spiritual Awareness

Conscious Awareness
Spirituality, Mindfulness, Inner Peace
Vibrational Healing, Cosmology and Ritual
Flow States
Sensory and Intuition Expansion

The details of our coaching are coming soon!!!  We’re just getting our website ready for you.


Tobassa Featured Life Coaching

An eight week pathway to your life success

Breakthrough those negative beliefs and obstacles holding you back in any or all areas of your life and release the authentic you. Empower your life resilience forward.

your opportunity


This is for you! If...

  • You’ve come to the point in life where you have decided you want to breakthrough change in your life—but you’re unsure how, or simply need the objective clarity and skill of a coach to mid-wife you through to successful, long lasting results.
  • You’re on the edge of a major life transformation—you feel expansion and growth potential but its a new area or phase of “being” and you want to develop your life platform more to be ready to make that change.
  • You’ve committed to your need and decision for change.  You’ve assessed your current situation and want to consolidate a clear strategy, build know how with tools, techniques and support from expert knowledge and experience.
  • You’re interested in learning more about yourself, and self empowering to grow and possibly begin a deeper journey of transpersonal Body, Mind and Spirit Life Coaching even becoming a practitioner-coach yourself.  You want to gain an overall perspective and exposure to Tobassa’s comprehensive eight phase life model before you commit to life purpose immersion.

Make a start with Tobassa coaching method signature program.

The Decision To Change Your Life

eight certain steps to emotional freedom

Breakthrough those negative beliefs and obstacles holding you back in any or all areas of your life and release the authentic you. Empower your life resilience forward.

The details of our coaching are coming soon!!!  We’re just getting our website ready for you.

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Tobassa Premium Coaching Programs

TRANSCEND (CDM) Consilience Dimensional Model ™

Our unique, whole systems transformation program is developed for those who are serious about achieving profound and enduring life change in all areas of life.  By taking this program you may also become qualified as a successful practicing life coach—integrating your unique skills and capability with Tobassa and industry effective tools, techniques and interactive activities.  TRANSCEND CDM ™ certification curriculum aligns with international standards.


This is the foundation module for total Body Mind and Spirit Transpersonal Transformation.  In this course you will scope your desired life transformation and give it context.  You will examine your soul mandala and its seeding in our current world—your umbilical place, space and passage in relation to Mother Earth, family constellations, social and structural fields as well as your personal doxa and habitus—the perceptions and social capital or personal assets that you believe you have accumulated in life.  You will benefit from addressing your core beliefs, values and a spiritual roadmap to establish a new life forward.  This will not only be a vision scrapbook and some life goals!  Be prepared to address needs and strategies for your nutrition, physicality, emotional and social life strategies as we enable your transformation.  


Learn self mastery through the body principles—from physical well being, nutrition, modalities and strategies that are designed to work with you and your physiology. But your learning and development doesn’t stop there… Discover and apply facets of ancient and alternative cultural healing systems, working with plants, minerals and life force energy. Apply this knowledge to your material world, goals, career, and life canvas for progressing your personal success and satisfaction with clarity and certainty.


You’ve discovered your inner core and foundation.  Now it’s time to introspect, explore your inner world for a greater understanding of who you are and what you really feel to be a meaningful purpose to your authentic self.  Uncover those core beliefs, learn strategies, tools and ways to resolve, relieve and reframe your life ahead to create and empower more passion, joy and fulfilment.  Delve into the dreaming dimension and your archetypes.  Develop your imaginative manifestation capability and unlock your enormous creative ability and expression.


It’s time to take your transpersonal development into the cosmic realms of higher consciousness.  Although you’ve been preparing the way from beginning this transformation journey, now your focus is on expansion of your person potential through intention and spiritual practices.  As you learn and explore the cultural cosmologies, sensitivities and super powers of the soul transcending flow in material, you maintain free will to apply whatever religious or philosophical convictions you uphold within the framework.  You are transcending your spiritual conscious awareness not your religious belief systems.  

your opportunity

This is for you! If...

  • You’re on the edge of a major life transformation—you feel its massive expansion potential and you want to make that leap of faith with the best facilitation and support to bring you successfully to a new level of “now”!
  • You’re already a change maker and have a track record of self empowerment.  You’re looking to advance your skills and know how—to expand transpersonal capability into all areas of your life and to reach your greater innate potential for being.
  • You take your life endeavours seriously and value the quality of your experiences. You understand the difference of goal oriented and motivated change to reframing, developing your whole life blueprint and restructuring a solid platform, competency and capability to deal with anything that life may throw at you from your own resource toolkit and a new authentic “you”.
  • You’ve been an achiever or on the personal development path to reach some level of self-expertise.  You’d like to consolidate your diverse knowledge into one framework and take your transformation to the next level.  You’re also considering sharing your mantle by coaching others.  You just need some vitals to get it all together in a working framework that you’ve tried, trusted and successfully achieved results.
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Request a free discovery fifteen minute call with Vivienne Tobassa simply by entering your name and contact details.  I'll get back with you quickly to arrange our appointment at a time that suits us both. 

You can learn from anywhere

Find out more about how to become a certified TRANSCEND CDM ™ practitioner life-coach.

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Tobassa Spiritual Insight Sessions

personal, interactive sessions with Vivienne Tobassa—Dewi Sri Vivyana Laksmi

learn more about what’s involved, cost and how to make an appointment


Vivienne Tobassa

I have designed these coaching and spiritual insight sessions to support you to gain the most benefit from my practical, intellectual, and consciousness abilities. Trust and integrity are important assets for Tobassa and I will work with you sensitively to ensure your guaranteed results are within professional, respectful protocols.  After reading the details, price and scheduling of any of these sessions, if you have any further questions please do get in touch with me via the contact form below.  In the meantime, wishing you well, happy and abundant.

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your opportunity

Book Your Live Session

Spiritual Insight Session

to gain deep insight, address and resolve specific issues

1/2 Hour Session to gain clarity on a problem

Annular Universal Insight

a snapshot of where you are at this time in your life

2 Hour Session, email and 20 minute followup chat

Your Life Soul Blue Print

a full life intensive involving your body mind and spirit

3 hour life intensive interactive video session with email/chat and a second 30 minute followup session.

Spiritual Business Coaching Session

a snapshot of your business, culture and leadership at this time

1-1/2 hour interactive video session with email and a second 15 minute video/phone/chat followup

Develop Awareness, Learn and Grow

Make your next actions with purposeful intention to enhance your life

Learn online, share ideas, get notified

Coming soon!!!  We will in the next weeks, release an exciting new self-directed Transformation program that will enable you to take advantage of the Tobassa Method to support your independent pathway to learning and self-development.

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Tobassa Coaching and Wellness Sessions

individual sessions, services and short programs

With thirty years of personal development, training, and multi-disciplinary qualifications, Vivienne Tobassa may integrate any of these and additional recognized, trusted techniques and modalities into effective coaching programs.  Your personal needs and comfort with any therapeutic or coaching strategies are always assessed prior to commencing any Tobassa interactive transformation and if you are accepted, programs are tailored specifically to you.   The therapies identified below are also available as stand-alone modalities and workshops from Tobassa.


Healthy, Wealthy, Abundant and Wise

Are we spirit having a material life experience or are we bound by our material world in a delusion that prevents us from connecting and experiencing our deepest aspirations for a “good life”, contentment and our spiritual growth?  What is the law of attraction, truly, and how does it impact our ultimate sustainability?  Whatever our life values and desires, our material foundation is where our conditioning is programmed and reinforced to serve a society that rapidly replaces human labour with machines.  It is also the platform we create to live and make resourceful choices to reduce our physical, social and environmental disadvantages or sense of inadequacies.

PSTEC (tm)

Percussive Therapy Technique

PSTEC is a rhythmic, repetitive aural technique that supports the detachment and non association of a conditioned belief from the trauma experience that formed or reinforced it.  I may be used successfully for any emotional problem you wish to release from.  May include anxiety issues, phobias, and personally linked issues such as weight loss work.

Connected Breath

Connecting Breath Therapies

Tobassa adapts Breath therapies to help people release energy blockages that have been stored in the body and mind due to suppressed trauma.  With guided conscious connected breathing techniques, inhibitions surface and are supported in a protective environment and nurturing way to be resolved through counselling and resolving transpersonal techniques.


Hypnotherapy and Self-hypnosis

Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis are mind-body or subconscious interventions that use hypnosis to create change in behavioural habits.  Hypnosis involves a state of focused attention and suggestibility where “reframe and reprogramming” techniques may be used to approach perceived negative behaviours often hidden in the subconscious mind.


Neurolinguistic Language Processing

NLP uses a set of language and sensory-based interventions and behaviour modification techniques intended to help improve self-awareness, communication skills, social actions, and confidence.  Personal perceptions affect how we operate in the world, but we may change the thoughts and behaviours that have not proven beneficial in our past or those habits that did serve us for survival but do not where we are at in life.


Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is an acupressure tapping technique that focuses on meridian points  (energy points identified in ancient Eastern healing systems such as Acupuncture, Tibetan medicine, Yoga, and Ayurveda) to restore balance to your body’s energy. Restoring this energy balance supports clearing emotional trauma and physical pain that is residual in the body/psyche.

Integral Transformation

Transpersonal Coaching

Transpersonal experiences are those in which our sense of identity or self extends beyond (trans) our individual persona to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, cultural collective world views, and idealized cosmic spirituality.  Tobassa’s broad and deep experience has led her discovery that wholistic development beyond conventional, personal, or individual levels, supports an individual and collective aspiration for total wellness—i.e. a peaceful, harmonious, satisfying life.

Inner Child

Inner Child and Sub-personalities

Our internal world is where our deepest sense of identity and our self-esteem exists.  In our early years, experiences and conditioning impact us by our family, carers, society, environment, spiritual messaging, health and social advantages in our outside world.  This shapes the neural network that our young, super-learning brains develop beliefs, behaviours and perceptions about how to adapt and live.  With every pain, conflict, or emotionally traumatic experience, we store our associations to a “negative” belief as fear-based learning—often buried forgotten in our subconscious.  Inner dimensional therapies assist us to review and reclaim a more authentic sense of self through building self-awareness in the psyche.

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology Techniques

Positive psychology’s focus is on wellbeing and deep lasting happiness.  A range of experiences explores positive living, including specific positive emotions, “flow” states, spiritual mindfulness, and developing a sense of meaning or purpose.

Gestalt and Narrative

Gestalt, Psychodynamic Play and Narrative/Creative Therapies

Gestalt enables bringing the trauma situation/problem/conflict from the past into the “now” with interactive techniques to dialogue, physically address, and resolve.  Creative and Narrative therapies support the subconscious and imaginative expression of deeply inherent issues, to reframe and express our superconscious values and manifest concepts and skills associated with them. Ideal integration as formation strategies to live higher values and effectively address future problems.


Liminality Shamana Communitas

Liminality is a Tobassa formed process that utilises shamanism constructs of self-values, trance, and communitas within a guided personal or social interactive environ.  Using modalities involving breath, body, and sound with techniques of five ways and ecstatic dance allows the individual to abandon their inhibitions in “external other” social contexts to the rhythm until they deeply connect with their true sense of being or “spiritual self”—leading to a sense of bliss and “oneness”. In supporting transpersonal personal growth, Liminality is an effective enabler for reinstating newly found “self” associated values and newly formed transformation perspectives as “lived experiences” or actioned, embodied intentions, and commitment to change.


Spiritual, Vibrational Healing and Consciousness Development

Tysyzygy is an advanced, integrated healing and spiritual development system that anchors in the energetic and vibrational modalities and the ancient wisdom knowledge of our human cosmological knowledge, extra-sensory perceptions and conscious awareness development, Reiki, Eastern, and shamanic energy systems, Sacred Feminine “Waters of Life” cosmology, and working with plant and elemental contexts, ethereal and dreaming realms.

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