How do we achieve more happiness and fulfilment in all areas of life?

As our awareness develops, we learn that the keys to experiencing our best possible life are found within our internal universe. With focussed intention and purposeful action, we may interrogate and reshape our internal world to create inner peace. We may change perceptions that influence our discontentment about this world.

Expanding consciousness increases our ability to create and have experiences that support our vitalisation and harmony.  Our potential for abundant bliss is enormous.  But it is always the journey that gives meaningful purpose.  Self awareness and learning to navigate from our higher wisdom frees us to create wellbeing and happier prosperous lives.

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Discover Tobassa philosophies, process and services below

Honour the Dreaming Process

We access our internal universe through our dreaming capacity—whether it is sleep, intentional, meditative “alpha-beta-delta states” or imaginative introspection.  Enhancing our ability to be “awake” with our psychic sensory while dreaming enables us to master manifestation and flow.


Tobassa Coaching Model

eight critical actions for success

I developed a unique, agile process that works in tandem on the positive innate desire and the negative trigger of core issues.  You resolve the trauma and reframe the negative core belief behind each trigger to enable change and action potential with clarity and certainty.

Eight critical phases in your transformation process

  • One - Identify and scope your transformation journey
  • Two - Become aware of your core issues and self beliefs
  • Three - Utilise skills and develop enduring intervention strategies
  • Four - Decide to change as an enabler - i.e. initiating change
  • Five - Realise your action potential arising from subconscious self
  • Six - Reframe and hardwire the projected change state
  • Seven - Reinforce and expand the change as it evolves with experience
  • Eight - Review and assert stretch goals for lasting, lifetime results


Dimensions of Transformation

mind body spirit transcendence


Your Life Platform

Wellness, Self Care, Self Image
Stability and Resilience
Physiology, Grounding Physicality and Fitness
Health, Wellness and Vitality

Personal Identity

How you Live

Emotional Freedom
Social Networks - Doxa and Habitus
Intimacy, Relationships, and Family
Wealth, Career, Success and Prestige
Fulfilment Vocation and Community


Your Spiritual Awareness

Conscious Awareness
Spirituality, Mindfulness, Inner Peace
Vibrational Healing, Cosmology and Ritual
Flow States
Sensory and Intuition Expansion


Master Mentor Coaching

for specific issues or breakthrough mind body spirit transcendence

A comprehensive range of coaching programs available.

Featured Coaching Programs

My Life Breakthrough

an eight week pathway to emotional freedom

Breakthrough those negative beliefs and obstacles holding you back in any or all areas of your life and release the authentic you. Empower your life resilience forward.

TRANSCEND Consilience Dimensional Model One - Platform

foundation module for profound, lasting, life transformation

This is the enabler module of a comprehensive 111 day, whole of life, body, mind and spirit transformation that is suitable for those who are serious about significantly rediscovering and creating a new life forward or evolving an existing commitment to personal growth and development.  Also suitable for those seeking deep skills, tools and techniques and mentor-coach practitioner training.

TRANSCEND Consilience Dimensional Model Two - Body

fundamental pathway to connect breath, body and vibration umbilical cord in space and time to the land

This module of Transcend facilitates your body life force awareness and communication of your health and wellbeing.  Principles of physical condition, ancient and alternative wellness systems, nutrition, breath and physicality are interrogated from spiritual and shamanic lineage knowledge perspectives alongside neuroscience, physiology and integrative scientific approaches to connecting, establishing and maintaining your optimum wellness to balance, nourish and support your life resilience.  Suitable also for people who are addressing specific issues of wellness, weight and body image.

TRANSCEND Consilience Dimensional Model Three - Mind

core module to address your inner world and the external "other" to reframe and transform

Your emotional and mental domains significantly drive your conscious choices and experiences in your material life.  Learn life mastery through advanced mind and emotion techniques, ancient systems, tools and practices to prepare and empower your wellness for every turn in the road of your life journey forward.  Become adaptive resilient.

TRANSCEND Consilience Dimensional Model Four - Spirit

transcending the mundane through flow states, evolving extra-sensory awareness and expanding consciousness

When you’ve reached the epiphany of your mountain top, you’ve advanced your body, mind and spirit to ultimate heights.  Standing on that peak you see… other mountains.  There are no limits to our potential.  But those goals success goals may have turned into desire to explore and express creatively, culturally or give your light and knowledge back to the world.  Tobassa calls this readjustment phase “transcending flow”.


Utilise Recognized, Proven Methods and Tools

Tobassa incorporates international standards, trusted Mastermind and coaching techniques from world leading personal development mentor-coaches.

Who mentored the mentor?

Mind Shift

Mastermind Life Coaching Techniques

Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi

When coaching, measuring success should be based on our personal values.  Accumulating material wealth has never been a prioritised personal value of Vivienne Tobassa — despite her capability to do so.  Recognizing a healthy, material life is a critical priority to most people and a beneficial foundation for growth. Tobassa was coached by our Pioneer Master of all Wellness and Wealth Life Coaches and learned these high-value prosperity skills that are now transferred to you in Tobassa Coaching Programs and Knowledge Broker events.

Body Emotional Release

Five Ways and Liminality

Gabrielle Roth, Ecstatic Dance and Beyond

Vivienne Tobassa holds a passion for dance, music and singing from early childhood.  A profound, early mentor-influencer of professional therapeutic techniques using body release was New York Dance Master Gabrielle Roth whose effective Five Ways system continues to be used today and adapted into free flow, western yoga and ecstatic dance workshops.  Roth’s proven Five Ways inspired Tobassa’s “Liminality” program that infuses cultural shamanic techniques for transcending consciousness through mind shift, breath, body movement and sound.  Shamanic dance is an effective technique for grounding our emotions, clearing the mind and freeing our soul.

Spiritual Emissary

World Peace and Prayer Day — Spiritual Leaders

Founder Chief Arvol Lookinghorse, Spiritual Leader Dakota Lakota First Nations

Vivienne Tobassa connected and joined the Leaders, Elders and Holy People supporting Mother Earth sustainability and peace in 2002, hosted by Hon. Ela Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhi Temple of the Mother Returning, South Africa.  She has continued her life vocation in alignment to Indigenous and inter-denominational values for the preservation, education of arts, culture and environment within sacred wholistic natural systems.

Mind Shift

Life Coach and Confidence Booster

Susie Moore, UK—New York

When we reclaim our authentic self, we find the next step is presenting ourselves “to the world” — including those who have pre-formed opinions based on our pre-transformation self.  An understanding and practice of the networks, mechanisms and messaging we transmit into the world supports our way forward.  Tobassa learned from Susie Moore who has a formidable reputation in Public Relations, Sales, Communications and one of America’s wealthiest Life Coaching professionals.  Confidence to state your confidence is a must in a material world!

Body Emotional Release

Breath of Life

Buddhist Tummo, Sondra Ray and Beyond

Choosing essential body influencers and modalities for profound healing and transformation must go to the spiritual and western therapist legacy of breath work.  An early pioneer of connected breath therapy was Sondra Ray who led Leonard Orr’s 1970s movement of remembering connection of the breath, rebirthing, water breathing and cathartic release.  Tobassa learned Ray’s modalities under Findhorn Foundation founded by Eileen Caddy.  Today physical coaches such as Wim Hof have defied scientific dismissal by studying and returning to the origins of these techniques in our traditional cultures and the Buddhist Tummo breathers.

Spiritual Emissary

Buda Ida Pedanda Bali

Sri Vivyana Laksmi — Blue Lotus Atiara

Tobassa has spent more than two decades in Spiritual multi-denominational service, including His Holiness Dalai Lama and Tibetan community in exile during 2010.  In 2015 Vivienne Tobassa received blessing and attribution title from Ida Pedanda in Bali who is head of Indonesian Hindu Priests Association after many decades spiritual service in South East Asia. Taoist Thích Nhất Hạnh has been a major influencer of the gentle way.


Life Changing Tools, Techniques and Strategies

We also offer unique and advanced coaching methods, or incorporate them into tailored programs depending on your needs, desires and aspirations.

Empower your inner world transcendence.

Just a few popular Transformation highlights in Tobassa TRANSCEND programs.

Shamana Blueprinting

Identify, locate and map your “I” in life place and time.  Know your lineages, your directions and your influencing dimensions.

Internal Dimension

Explore with Gestalt and Psychodynamic interaction your sub-personalities and insight their impact on your life. Release core limiting beliefs within.  Detach trauma associations and reprogram with techniques such as hypnotherapy, EMDR, PSTEC, repercussive therapy, Kinesthetics and ancient meridian systems.

Parent, Adult, Child (PAC) - Drisana/Ta Huna Nadi

Apply the internal authority system and insight the ancient Muri Tahuna or Eastern kundalini systems knowledge of Higher, Lower and Middle Self to gain clarity and build strategies for supporting your healing, wellness and empowerment process forward.

Transformational Life Strategy

There is little point in being surface level with life coaching, planning and developing your life forward if you’re serious about profound, and lasting change.

Resource Allocation and Tysyzygy Energy Healing System.

Step outside the mundane into flow states of creativity and achievement.  Build onto Reiki, Qi, Prana, and vibrational healing modalities.

Preparing and Supporting the Vessel

Knowing and supporting your body temple to hold and support your life-force and longevity.  Your physicality, nutrition and body intelligence communication networks.

The Breath

A great miracle and key to your existence that you may also utilise to advance yourself in many wonderous ways.


Immerse your essential being in the vibrational flow and unify your energy to reach states of heightened awareness and expanded consciousness.


Your Array of Wellness Supports

Wellness Services are Offered Individually and Integrated with All Programs

wellness services for you

PSTEC (tm)

Percussive Suggestion Technique

The PSTEC Click Track method is a unique 11-minute audio track that can be played to anyone to create a resolution for almost any problem related to unwanted emotions or feelings. It is seen as a therapy treatment alternative to cognitive behaviour (talk) therapy, EFT, NLP, and hypnotherapy.  Tobassa has extensive experience and qualifications in these other modalities.  Since its discovery by UK psychotherapist Tim Zachery and release to therapists in 2014, Tobassa has incorporated and integrates PSTEC ™ in therapies and coaching programs as an optional “take out” tool for clients who are building self care strategies and resilience.  Many clients have fed back positive, enduring results.  May be considered a possible alternative to EMDR, Switching or other visual reframing techniques where there are contraindications.

Mindfulness and Positive Psychology

facilitating balance, inner peace and positive life expression

Mindfulness has a multi-faceted use in positive psychology. Clients have universally reported the therapeutic practice features beneficial results.

A few effective ways positive psychology mindfulness may be used within Tobassa sessions or integrative coaching programs are:

  1. As a self-care technique for balance and inner peace, mindfulness may be practiced anywhere and at anytime
  2. As a stress reduction tool for students, people who work in high-stress situations, and anyone dealing with trauma recovery and anxiety.
  3. As a way to boost employee wellness.
  4. As a therapeutic tool for people struggling with depression or other mood disorders.
  5. As a coping method and relaxation strategy.
  6. In conjunction with Yoga as a healthy habit for body and mind.

Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, Plant and Vibration Therapies

plant and energetic sensory systems

Turning a life shamanic practice knowledge into professional services three decades ago when founding an iconic alternative therapies and lifestyles personal development empowerment community centre in Sydney—Tobassa embarked on a life journey of alternative therapies and health science training at renown Nature Care College, Australia.

Breath, Body, Light, Sound and Water

Waters of Life Cosmology

Tobassa’s integrative shamanic spiritual consciousness and wellness practices from childhood have led to reclaiming ancestral “Tirtha Agama” holy waters and Divine Mother cosmology over twenty five years of immersion in Asia Pacific and living in Balinese community, Indonesia.  Tobassa incorporates advanced sensory knowledge with facets of energetic healing, sound healing, sacred song and cultural Sacred Feminine honouring practices with people of all faiths, all walks of life.

Ayurveda, Tibetan, Chinese, Syncretic, Sufi, Shamanic Cultural Systems

Ancient Wisdom and Healing Systems

Tobassa’s personal empowerment and practitioner expertise journey in many world cultures has led to comprehensive traditional wisdom caretaking and application sourced from higher consciousness perspective.  The synthesis of this life vocation is applied in specific wellness modalities, tools and embedded in your coaching programs.


Dreaming Imagery Manifests and Reflects in our World

In order to create, build or scientifically establish knowledge in our mundane world we all need to access the “other world” where creativity supports our imaginary suggestions, desires and problem solving.

Our dreaming world is also the doorway to expanding conscious awareness


Your Personal Spiritual Insight Coach

Vivienne Tobassa Interactive Spiritual Counsel and Mediumship

Spiritual Insight Reading

to gain deep insight, address and resolve specific issues

In this half-hour phone/video session, Vivienne Tobassa will help you to address a specific problem in your life.  I may use any of my clairvoyant and therapeutic abilities to identify the problem, what is behind it, and support you to establish a path forward.

Annular Universal Insight

a snapshot of where you are at this time in your life

In your Universal Insight session, I will provide a snapshot life reading of where you are in life at this time.  I may also provide mediumship if conditions are appropriate.  By connecting directly with your Higher Conscious Self, we will map your life forward aligned with cosmological and spiritual influences—always under your free will.  Ultimately you will have resolve and clarity.

Life Soul Blue Print

a life reading involving your body mind and spirit

In your life soul blueprint session, Vivienne Tobassa will use all the multi-facets of mind-body and spiritual consciousness to support your desire to know with certainty and express your felt life purpose.

I will help you to comprehensively identify and address your inner identity, the traumas, obstacles, and significant events that have shaped your life to this point.  I may utilize any of my clairvoyant and therapeutic abilities as every person is unique, despite that we often present with similar issues.

This session is ideal for those seeking clarity who are facing a life crisis, in a significant trauma or health recovery process, or who have committed to transforming their life by aligning their whole body, emotional mind, and spiritual consciousness (whatever their faith) to deepest revealed purpose.

Spiritual Business Coaching Session

a snapshot of your business, culture and leadership at this time

Vivienne Tobassa will help you to comprehensively identify and address personal and professional issues in leadership and managing your business—its mission objectives, growth, and challenges to success.  Benefit from deep insight into possibly “unseen” issues and mechanisms you face or within your professional culture.

This session is where you get the best of “three worlds”.  Tobassa has a successful track record and senior management results in coaching, solutions, corporate governance, and managing transformation in business and economy, with academic expertise to match.

In personal development and wellbeing, Tobassa has long had interactive experience in working with professional athletes and physically motivated achievers.  Tobassa’s wellness and transpersonal qualifications and practice experience span three decades.

Tobassa enables you to connect your leadership and cultural mindset to creative, higher conscious dimensions to expand insights, strategies, and success.  You may enable flow and business quadruple bottom line sustainability with expanded performance results.

tobassa // knowledge media

Spiritual Business Coaches Come of Age

At least that’s what credible media agents are advising in the USA and beyond.  Such as New York, April 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – published list of ten top life coaches who include and focus on mind, body and… spirit.

It is not surprising that society today, needs and increasingly requests wholistic coaching that addresses material, physical, emotional and encircles our spiritual aspirations.  Yoga, Reiki, Mindfulness and Shamanism are no longer “way out” concepts practiced by sixties rebellious hippies.  Corporations and mainstream society have noticed the benefits of these practices to the wellness of culture and individuals.  Athletes, military and high achievers have long undertaken focussed programs that incite and build flow states for phenomenal results.

Alternative is now mainstream and coaches respond by integrating wider ranges and ingenious alternative modalities into their programs.  Goal setting is no longer about … goals.  Its about recognizing your personal esteem and value to set your intention and fly — with amazing and enduring results.  At least it should be, with all the automated free ware that provides the basics of person-centred planning and productivity.

So how do we do this, and who is most qualified to take us across the whole spectrum of mind, body, and spirit with experience of East and West, First and Third, Inner and Outer, the Earth Below and the Cosmos above (but also everywhere)?

Tobassa introduces you to mind, body and spirit life coaching programs that transcend the spectrum of conscious transformation — as deep, wide and far as you choose to go.

Tobassa Media

Tobassa contributes published articles and media concerning transformation, culture, personal development and wellness.

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear” ~ Ambrose Redmoon
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